May 28, 2021

“I love long lectures, note-taking, and PowerPoints….” – No one ever

A talking head at the front of the room with students taking notes off of PowerPoint slides creates a passive, boring, and ineffective learning environment.

The best way to learn? Interaction.

Our courses avoid the 3-hour lectures and instead focus on a mix of videos, group discussions, simulation-model exercises, and computer-based training.  Course modules are broken into short, 40-minute sessions that keep delegates engaged, resulting in a more lasting understanding of the material.

Another thing that sets our training apart is our experienced trainers.  We have a highly qualified faculty of engineers and operations professionals who have undergone extensive training. Their knowledge of the process industries helps them relate to real-world problems that delegates face and provide their expertise on solutions to overcome them.  Click here to read more about our faculty.

We realize that training isn’t one size fits all.  Each organization has a different timeline, needs, and set of goals that they hope to accomplish with their training.  That’s why we offer In-House Training – Our customized training solution for all organizations!

We are able to custom design a new course or alter the content of one of our existing courses to meet your specific training needs.  For instance, if you are building a new plant and need to train all of your operators, we can develop a course specifically designed for your training goals and operator experience levels.

In the past, we have run these courses for a multitude of companies within the process industries including BP, Shell, Talisman, Wood Group, Woodside, Chevron, Taqa, SBM, Atkins, Apache, and many others.

Customized training may be the best option for your organization if…

  • The course you need isn’t listed on our training calendar
  • Our course dates conflict with your schedule
  • You have several people needing training on the same topic
  • You have people needing the same training each year
  • You are designing a new plant or process and want specific topics covered in your training

For more information on customized training or to inquire about running a custom course for your operators, please fill out this form and one of our Regional Sales Representatives will be in contact!

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"Extremely pleased I attended this course, very specific to what we deal with on plant. Would recommend to every one on a processing plant, particularly the apprentices and graduates."
Anthony Formosa
Centrica Energy