November 25, 2021

Previously delivered as our “Control & Operation of Screw Compressors” course, this course has been redesigned and updated to be delivered as a “Control & Operation of Oil Injected Screw Compressors” course.

The curriculum has been reviewed and updated to make the course more applicable to the ever-changing Oil & Gas industry.  The course features new material, exercises, videos, etc. to deliver the course content.  Additionally, a new Calculation Model relating to Compressor Principles has been added.  This model is designed to allow delegates to work through calculations that demonstrate the relative importance of oil cooling, gas k value as well as the internal volume ratio.



This is an intensive two-day course, providing delegates with a thorough introduction to the subject of positive displacement of oil-injected helical screw compressors.  This compressor type is used extensively within the manufacturing and process industries, and the course explores many factors in the selection, operation, and control systems of the screw compressor for a particular application.

The course is suitable for persons of all levels of responsibility within engineering, maintenance, or operations functions.  Those who have limited exposure to screw compressors, or those with first-hand experience with compressors but would like to expand their knowledge, will benefit from this course.


Course Curriculum:

  • Compressor Selection
    • Twin rotor positive displacement compressors
    • Oil injected basic design
  • Compression Principles
    • Gas law relationships
    • Compression cycles
  • Volume Ratio (Vi) Control
    • Fixed Vi machines
    • Advantages of variable Vi control
  • Capacity Control
    • Capacity slide valve
    • Double slide valve for capacity and Vi
  • Operation Issues
    • Injection oil schematics and equipment
    • Limitations to the speed, discharge pressure, and capacity
  • Screw Compressor Calculations
    • Input various machine designs to calculate volume ratio, power, throughput, oil flow rate required


Learning Objectives:

Learning objectives for this course include…

  • Understand the principles and thermodynamics of gas compression and how they relate to screw compressors
  • Appreciate the advantages and limitations of oil-injected screw compressors
  • Understand the difference between the internal pressure ratio and the system pressure ratio
  • Be able to use a calculator program to do screw compressor performance calculations
  • Understand how the compressor can have variable volume ratio control
  • Have an appreciation for the power penalty with over or under compression

And many more!


Upcoming Courses:

North America Region:

May 18 – 19 (MDT)

In-Person course delivery

Calgary, AB, Canada


UK & Europe:

May 11 – 12 (BST)

In-Person course delivery

Aberdeen, United Kingdom



Apr 7 – 8 (AWST)

Virtual, instructor-led delivery


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"Personally I can say without doubt one of the best delivered courses I have ever done. This was purely due to the professionalism of Mark and Mark's knowledge of the subject, FANTASTIC! Will recommend ESD for more training."