August 5, 2020

ESD is offering a discount on all online courses until the end of September to celebrate the release of the new website,  Compressors101! For the next few weeks, anyone wishing to recieve 50% off online courses will be able to by accessing a post on Compressors101’s here. Use the discount code from the article at checkout when signing up for an ESD course.

Compressors101 is a place to learn about the world of compressors, from news and current events within the industry, to articles and papers to enhance one’s knowledge on compressors. Compressors101 aims to be a place where engineers, operators, or anyone interested in compressors can come to learn more about the topic. Compressors101 aims to be a hub for those in the industry, and while it is still in its early stages, it has the ability to reach these goals because of the knowledge and experience ESD brings to the table.

The website can be accessed at

For questions or advertising inquires, contact:
Ibrahim Sarsour

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"Excellent course, well delivered and pitches at the correct level. Was challenging and very rewarding. Professional and knowledgeable lecturer enhanced experience. Good venue with professional and friendly staff. Food excellent. High standard of training that will certainly impact on my day to day work attitudes. "
Gary Houston
BG Group