June 18, 2020

ESD Simulation Training is creating a brand-new reciprocating compressor model to replace the current model used in many of our courses. The model will supplement the learning of anyone taking the courses, while also making the courses far more engaging. The new model will allow ESD to keep courses accurate and up to date.

Behind the development of the model is a team made up of ESD’s lead engineers and programmers, all of whom are confident that this model will deliver ESD’s proven quality and attention to detail. Not only will the new model be up to date, but it will contain greater capabilities, with a more modern user interface that makes the simulations even more comparable to practical scenarios than with the older versions. There will also be more configurations and ways to change the data. With the interactive model, delegates will be able to simulate possible outcomes of the plant and troubleshoot issues, while receiving an accurate demonstration.

This model will help teach engineers and operational personnel how to achieve the highest standards of performance and safety within their jobs, while learning in a relaxed environment.

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"Extremely pleased I attended this course, very specific to what we deal with on plant. Would recommend to every one on a processing plant, particularly the apprentices and graduates."
Anthony Formosa
Centrica Energy