June 3, 2020

Amidst the panic surrounding Covid-19, our revamped online versions of our in-class courses have proved highly effective. Many delegates have found online courses to be an easy way to receive the same level of learning from the comfort of their homes. A common opinion of those who took the online versions of the courses was that “[The] course was very good. Having to carry out training from home had no impact on the quality of the training experience”. 

The convenience factor has proved beneficial, as one delegate stated “I also really enjoyed taking the course online – it was very convenient, ensured everyone got to try the simulations and also made it easier to ask questions”. Course accessibility is now proving easier than ever, as anyone who signs up for a course can receive training from anywhere in the world, regardless of time zones.

The administration of the courses is quite simple, as all that is necessary is a computer with a stable internet connection. Once a course is confirmed, we will send a laptop pre-loaded with simulation materials and the course manual, so that a delegate can video-call with our instructors while also receiving the hands-on experience that proves essential for learning.

For more information on courses, you can view our course calendar. For limited time promotions on online courses, contact your nearest ESD office.

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"Worthwhile course with a continued theme of high standards. Well presented. Possibly the best venue I've ever been to. As an operator who has not spent time in a control room for three years, this course got me really thinking like a CRO. Initially it was difficult to change my mindset from outside operator mode but eventually I recalled the CRO thought process and enjoyed the course."
Paul Flaherty
Taqa Bratani