Our Advanced Process Control Course, part of our 2021 Worldwide Course Portfolio, has been scheduled for July 14th!  It is generally delivered as a 3-day course but, for the July 14th date, it has been condensed to a 2-day course with a prerequisite that delegates must possess a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of PID Control.  The course details are outlined below…


Delivery: Online

Time: July 14th 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (AWST) & July 15th 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (AWST)



This course delves into some of the advanced classical methods and techniques commonplace in current industry practice.  It is a highly intensive course, relying heavily upon short lectures, practical exercises, and computer simulation models to enhance the learning experience.  These world-class simulation models allow delegates to gain real-time experience in tuning controllers and testing algorithm performance, with an emphasis on model-based control methods.  The course material is well suited for engineers, chemists, and operations personnel hoping to extend their understanding of applied process control to maximize yields, throughputs, efficiencies, and troubleshooting.


Some of the key topics covered in this course are…

  • Modelling Process Dynamics
  • Automated Controller Design
  • Advanced Modelling of Dynamic Process Behaviour
  • Feed Forward Control
  • Multivariable Controller Interaction and Loop Decoupling
  • Modelling, Analysis, and Control of Multivariable Processes
  • Model-Based Smith Predictor for Process with Large Dead Time


Due to COVID-19, this course is scheduled online in a live and instructor-led format to allow for the same level of engagement and learning outcomes as in-person courses.  For the course, ESD will ship you a laptop pre-loaded with all of the simulation models and manuals needed for the course.  The course will be run the exact same as a face-to-face course would be, except through a video call instead of in a classroom.  To learn more about our COVID-19 Course Delivery Information, click here!


To learn more about this course or to request a course outline, click here!

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"The trainer (Bob Hodder) was exceptional in his delivery, easily one of the best trainers and courses I have been on. Bob's knowledge, real life experience and exposure were world-class."
Nicholas Loke
Atkins Australasia